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Meet Dorothy

Dorothy automates the search process, giving you more meaningful data than any other patent search platform.


How it works



Dorothy is a natural language processing platform that can read full sentence search queries and provide more meaningful results. Key elements are searched in context, search results are ranked by relevance, and then re-ranked based on each result you view.

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Dorothy analyzes key elements of your search against the context of your query to provide relevant results.

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Save and compile search your results automatically, and update your searches without recreating your search query.

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Share results with your clients using our secure URL.   Leave notes without the hassle of pdfs, Excel, or email.

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Our Story

Dorothy was created by patent lawyers with a problem: Searching is the heart of our practices, but available search platforms don't sort by relevance, outsourced search experts are unreliable, and our clients won't pay for bad searches.  We have the skills to solve the problem, so we're solving it! 




Dorothy was developed to improve your practice by making relevant prior art easily accessible, reducing the time necessary to perform an adequate search and giving you time to focus on what's really important:  Your Clients.   


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Dorothy uses natural language processing technology developed in collaboration with the Language Technology Institute at Carnegie Mellon University that performs searches based on descriptions of searched subject matter written in plain English. No need to create and revise keyword search queries. Key elements are searched in context, search results are ranked by relevance, and Dorothy learns to improve based on the publications you view

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